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  •   WilliePreacher 3 dage siden

    Hello dear Members and Guests,
    I will be giving a group session this Sunday 15-12-2019 at 10:30 p.m. GMT, and I will be talking during 20 minutes about the basics of making the following choice: Re-connect with an Ex or move to Next? A How-To!
    A 20-minute session that should change your vision of many things around you dramatically, only for $9.99, and of course there are extra surprises for you :)

  •   WilliePreacher 25 dage siden

    I pleade all people entering into my room to be considerate of all the due respect to my humble person and to all the people present in my room, otherwise I will never hesitate in banning any person who would exceed the limits of mutual respect :) thank you a lot for your understanding

  •   WilliePreacher 27 dage siden

    Continuing with the discount down to only $3.49 :)



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