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theGuardian | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Master Dæmonologist & Hermetic Adept - in Direct Alignment to Source - able to channel ArchAngels & your Highest-Selves in all densities & realms. Teacher & Practitioner of ZepTepi Polarization & Etheric Healing. the Last Warlock, reading from Tarot de los Angeles & Lucifer’s Tarot : authentic Crystal Ball Divination : Arcana Mundi Revelar : Occult-Astrologist & Soul-Blueprint analysis & retrieval
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  •   Vitalie Vor 4 Monaten

    The Guardian is well named. He could add "of the Universe" and then we would all be in good hands. He shares his gifts generously, yet with wise discernment. I benefit greatly from his time, energy, teaching, and wish him and all his community much deserved joy. Vitalie

  •   ronron55 Vor 4 Monaten

    Guardian was very accurate and professional i look forward to my next reading

  •   leogirl722 Vor 6 Monaten

    Great polarization session! I feel so calm and centered now !!!

  •   ar00x2 Vor 8 Monaten

    Oh my gosh!!! Thank you guardian!!! This is the best reading I have ever had in a long time!! Thank u for clarifying everything for me. I will be working on what I have to. See you soon again my soul friend.

  •   mariajodie Vor 8 Monaten

    thank you so much

  •   Hyacinth00 Vor 10 Monaten

    Thank you so much. Accurate readings. Awesome advice ❤️❤️❤️

  •   swong74 Vor 10 Monaten

    Thank you for helping me to figure out who to help and not. PLUS I NEED TO REST!!!! I am soooo tired and burnt out that I would be of no use to anyone if I continue like this.

  •   swong74 Vor 11 Monaten

    Thank you for confirming my feelings about the three people I wanted confirmation. Thank you for being so quick and respectful.

  •   myeyesea Vor 11 Monaten

    thank you guardian very insightful and helpful so caring and kind

  •   myeyesea Vor 11 Monaten

    thank you the guardian your very connected and insightful helpful and 10 star

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