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Pranams - I am here to offer guidance with my skills in tarot reading, numerology, pranic and prayer healing for you. If you're seeking direction in any aspect of your life or are just a tad lost or confused, consult me privately for compassionate yet honest readings and divine healing energy, as I am a God-chosen channel and offer transforming prayers for your peace and welfare.
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  •   champion2014 1 month ago

    Thank you, Arjun !

  •   Your Support Team 1 month ago

    Your Support Team wishes you a very Happy Birthday!

  •   ARJUN 9 months ago

    Dear Members: I hereby happily announce the reduction in my rate to $1.49/minute. Request members not to expect free answers in free chat or message cards. In order to avoid this from happening, I have reduced my rates and hope this will be of use to members. I respect your views and believe that you will respect my views too. Thank you.

  •   ARJUN 9 months ago

    Members, please note that I will not be available in free chat hereafter and will be only seen in the Members zone. I would like to state that my services would be available only by way of private reading and I will not be providing free answers or messages anymore. I feel that the free messages or answers provided in free chat do not help the members who receive them in anyway nor does it help me as a psychic in anyway. Hence I have decided to discontinue that service henceforth. I do my readings as a service messenger of God and I also would like to make it known to members that I do not do a prediction and do not believe that there is something called Unchangeable Destiny and it can be predicted by me and it is bound to happen once predicted. Instead, I believe that even in case there is Destiny, we can always alter it and rewrite it. I believe that God has provided us with all the strength necessary to deal with our problems/issues and at best all that we need is proper guidance to overcome our problems and that is what I will be available for, to guide and see by way of cards that the trend that we are in presently and how we can change it to our benefit. The cards, I see are angels that give us the message in the proper direction and guide us to take the necessary steps to rectify or change things that they turn out to be better than the way they are right now and work towards our benefit and towards our desire in future.

    In brief, I would like to state that I would be there to guide with respect to building your future and not living just an average or below average quality of life answering mundane/mean questions in free chat like: Will my bf/gf call me or answer me, will I clear this exam/interview, can I trust my partner, etc. I hope that members understand what I mean by the above and avail of my services for better use and value in life. As I said, I work as God's messenger/tool and whoever chooses to use my services will surely be blessed by the Lord as whatever guidance/direction they get from me would be not only useful but also wise and of higher value as it would come directly from Him who would be working in my form and I would only be his channel/tool/pipeline/messenger/conduit/pathway/track or whatever you can call it.

    Join me for divine tarot guidance and divine spirit-filled healing.



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