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Beraidian | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
I started working without knowing about my gifts. Then thanks God I recieved the knownledge from a great Spiritual Healer, after that I have never stop working with light. I am an Indigo child can touch your energy and help to clear it. I am a white magnetic wizard and I am here to help this planet to reach magic of the spiritual world.
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  •   chris3d119  2 days ago

    Amazing healer and reading ,told me things only i knew, makes great predictions, and over all amazing energy and light worker.

  •   Beraidian  16 days ago

    Be right back in 4 hours :)

  •   chris3d119  29 days ago

    Very amazing session here with Beraidian, i felt as though the world has come off my shoulders ,i have had a cleansing session done and some angelic work, he did these things amazingly well i feel new again and very happy and much more light and free, this is the real deal ,thankyou friend!

  •   chris3d119  2 months ago

    Amazing healing session,the best energy worker around, most genuine and gifted and well perfected at his craft,truly amazing person, highly recommended.

  •   chris3d119  3 months ago

    Wonderful session, great healing for me and another it works so fast!

  •   Beraidian  3 months ago

    I am so happy!!! Soon will recive a new Tarot Deck!

  •   chris3d119  4 months ago

    Amazing energy work, I was so depressed and heavy this last two weeks, after that cleasing healing session with him I feel like a new person completely uplifted and free from those burdens.. the bad energies I carried he also cleared me of evil eye and we worked on a different person too with his remote healing and this has helped them too , I thank this man so much for his help over years!amazing

  •   Beraidian  4 months ago

    Thank you for today!!! Blessings :)

  •   Beraidian  4 months ago

    ¸.·´¸.·´¨) ¸.·*¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ .·´ ¸Check my Special Rate :)

    *Negative Energy Removals

    *Akashic Records

    *Spiritual Healing

    *Sacred Geometry

    *Evil Eye disconnection

    *Angelic Fractal Codes

    *Evolutive Tarot Reading.

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  •   Beraidian  4 months ago

    Break time! be right back in 1 hour.

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