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Dace53 | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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I don't do one card readings for votes or gifts . I have been studying, Tarot & other forms of divination for the past 10 years. Have a small home based business and have been reading professionally for over four years. I read three different Tarot decks, Angel card reader and crystal ball ..... God bless.
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  •   Dace53 hace 22 días

    Very accurate reading from Dace53 he seen problems coming up in my life I didn't even know about. Very accurate get a reading with Dave you wont be disappointed it's the truth..

    Member Theresa

  •   Dace53 hace 1 mes

    Dace was spot on, he is known for it. He said the judge would grant my request and he did... Just as dace said it would Thanks Love & Light

  •   Dace53 hace 1 mes

    David was able to have my dad come through which brought great closure to me. It was Amazing great experience, he confused me at first but then I absolutely knew it was him.

    Member Heyylynn

  •   mimi0129 hace 3 meses

    Thank you so much for that mediumship, my dad his dad my grangpa and my grandpa's mom came through all on one of my dad's favorite days

  •   ambski hace 3 meses

    Dave is amazing and he listens to your concerns and helps come up with positive solutions to your problems.

    Thank you Dave

  •   hale789 hace 4 meses

    Very professional and to the point. He predicted that my ex was going to move and travel was around him. It came true.

  •   Dace53 hace 4 meses

    Tank you Hal... I appreciate it...

  •   Dace53 hace 5 meses


    You want to hear the truth and do something about your truth. Get real guidance from dace!
    Dace us refreshingly honest and straightforward. No sugarcoating here...come to dace if
    So yeah your read was pretty inline with that -

  •   Dace53 hace 6 meses

    gina15   : u are very accurate, and love your kindness.. thanks i hope i catch u on, or should say outgoing, outspoken personally,, ur AWESOME..

  •   Dace53 hace 7 meses

    Dace has picked up a secret that I have not told anyone, not a single soul knows about it only spirit..

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