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Insight2Ligh | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Welcome Friends! My rate is $1.99 per minute. I am a Psychic Medium with over twenty years of experience. After a near death experience, my gifts were heightened. I do not use tools in private readings.Everyone is welcome!
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  •   Insight2Ligh hace 20 horas

    My rate is $1.99 per minute.

  •   cazk0303 hace 8 días

    Thank you Mitch for being such a trusted soul. You are truly an earth angel and I am abundantly grateful to your gifts and how you have helped me. I very much appreciate you...

  •   Angelwingss7 hace 8 días

    Excellent as always, Thank You Insight2Light

  •   Angelwingss7 hace 15 días

    Excellent as always :) tks

  •   Angelwings22 hace 17 días

    Mitch is one of the best out there. Truly an angel here with us. THIS MAN FLOORED ME. He floors me each and every time. He nails things that people say... he knows their thoughts and he is excellent with timeframes. Regardless, he fills his readings with love and peace. This man is totally a gift to all of us. Gd bless him.

  •   cazk0303 hace 22 días

    Thank you Mitch for truly being an earth angel to me throughout the years. I am so grateful for you and your advice. I so appreciate you more than you will know. Many blessings to you.

  •   Angelwingss7 hace 25 días

    Awesome reading as usual Insight2light Many thank yous

  •   ginla23 hace 1 mes

    Just had an updated reading from Mitch and it was very insightful and he told me things that are going to happen just need to be patient..

  •   empy05 hace 1 mes

    Thanks so much!

  •   thewhite6060 hace 1 mes

    truly, one of the best.

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