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LoveUnions | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
20 arviot
Soul connection expert and twin flame in union. I'm a psychic coach, so it's my job to use my gifts to dig down to the core of what you are holding on to. Often, that comes in the form of looking at how a soul connection is feeling about you, and then diving into what you are supposed to be learning.
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  •   cazk0303 1 vuosi sitten

    Was happy I was able to connect today...Truly a good experience to do so. I appreciate her and her guidance!

  •   davelin 1 vuosi sitten

    wow she is very vibrant energy

  •   HearMeRoar 1 vuosi sitten

    great reading!

  •   Johnny21 2 vuotta sitten


  •   LightndSoulGirl 2 vuotta sitten

    Hi LU! Been trying to catch you since our last reading. when are you usually on here

  •   LoveUnions 2 vuotta sitten

    Hey! I will be back on in a sec!

  •   heartsonsleeves 2 vuotta sitten

    She's awesome! I always like doing a reading with her. Spot on with her predictions and always compassionate.

  •   seanstwinflame 2 vuotta sitten

    I have always loved my sessions with LU. She's quick, knowledgeable and connected!

  •   kwinn10 2 vuotta sitten

    I love love LOVE her!!!!
    she understands the situation and she is on point on details!!
    highly recommended !!!!

  •   vikrolo 2 vuotta sitten

    wow just lovely reading big shift happeniing x

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You've reached the maximum length of this message (140 characters).

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