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Astaroth | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Since childhood days I had open astral gate which makes me realize things and events around me differently from other people. At age of 21, I had my first experience of extraordinary awakening which makes me go further.Spending time in solitude and amazingly in a company of a few shaman mystics.Besides my psychic ability,I use some other tools such as:Cards,black mirror, pendulum,runes,crystals.
  • Anglais, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian

Le mur de Astaroth




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  •   messiahwishes Il y a 1 an.

    clear tbh bright

  •   SexyHunk Il y a 1 an.

    good reader, clear in what she says,

  •   Astaroth Il y a 1 an.




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