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  •   alsouhoney777 Il y a 28 jours.

    I'm sorry I couldn't afford anymore time, but it sounded very good and I liked you a lot. Wish I could have heard more

  •   davelin Il y a 2 mois.

    such a good reader, gets into depth and is very perceptive

  •   jojoOH47 Il y a 4 mois.

    DaVinciCode is the authentic oracle you're searching for. She knows her tarot and gives honest guidance with a personal touch. She is highly recommended and worth every minute!

  •   praveen12 Il y a 7 mois.

    She tells exactly what's going in my life. She is really helpful.

  •   auetereka23 Il y a 7 mois.

    she was good told me what i needed to hear
    but she was right.

  •   kypahal Il y a 7 mois.

    thank you for the reading

    I will call when I meet him, fingers crossed

  •   Your Support Team Il y a 10 mois.

    Your Support Team vous souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire!

  •   empy05 Il y a 11 mois.

    Very good reader! very accurate and positive!

  •   DaVinciCode Il y a 1 an.

    Special Halloween cards today ,join me

  •   RyrieS Il y a 1 an.

    Thank you it was very informative

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