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LovePsychicFran's Muur




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  •   777ineedlove 3 maanden geleden

    His the Best!!!!!!!!

  •   Kandle 4 maanden geleden

    He is the best! incredibly gifted..he answered all my questions accurately and was spot on. He is the best psychic i ever met

  •   raysamartin 4 maanden geleden


  •   LightndSoulGirl 5 maanden geleden

    Such an interesting and unique reading! Im upset I ran out of time:(

  •   LovePsychicFran 5 maanden geleden

    For readings I require full name and dob of you and if asking about a person their full name and dob as well + one wish that means something to you.
    My readings can consist of many things but can be broken down in simple terms to as follows:
    Energy readings
    Channeling sessions & or Medium readings
    Mind Readings
    Angel Channeling
    Pendulum readings
    Tarot readings with Divination of the Ancients Oracle Deck

  •   LovePsychicFran 5 maanden geleden

    Aura drawings + Readings are now available. I used to do them only face to face but now I am providing them on here. All you have to do is ask for a ticket and the amount of time you are requesting. the pricing breakdown is as follows. These are one of the most in depth readings I provide and provide detail of past present and future past isn't always included being that past may have no bearing on the future or may not be able to be drawn out in a lower time span.
    15 min drawing + 15 min reading = $150
    20 min drawing + 20 min reading = $175
    25 min drawing + 25 min reading = $225
    30 min drawing + 30 min reading = $250

  •   LovePsychicFran 5 maanden geleden

    For those of you who haven't been sleeping well or have been incredibly irritable many people are having the same issue due to the riots which is changing the energy across the world during this time I am offering an energy seal to block out this negative energy for $25 that will help you sleep at night and protect you from this negative very aggressive energy. My prayers go out to everyone effected. Blessed be to all and love and light wherever you go.

  •   Your Support Team 6 maanden geleden

    Your Support Team wenst je een hele fijne verjaardag!

  •   HopeLove1 1 jaar geleden

    I am totally speechless he nailed everything he was correct about my son coming in with the flowers thank you so much you're the best you are real I actually feel happy I haven't felt happy in so long thank you for giving me the comfort and peace blessings upon you always



U heeft het maximale aantal karakters voor dit bericht bereikt (140 characters).

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