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LightworkerDavid | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
28 priser
SALE! Oracle card & pendulum reader | Areas of life helped: straight, bi, gay, virtual - love, relationships, sex, dating, marriage, divorce, cheating , poly, swinging | Family, parents, in-laws, steps, siblings, adoption, children, household politics/drama | legal matters, careers, jobs, military, spiritual, peers, friends, money, education, self-improvement, advice, guidance, choices.

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Du har nådd maksimumslengden på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

  •   zartsrun 2 dager siden

    A very nice person, quick precise answers :) Thank you!

  •   LightworkerDavid 2 dager siden

    Youre very welcome it was a pleasaure reading for you.

  •   empy05 11 dager siden

    Very good reader, quick and to the point.

  •   LightworkerDavid 8 dager siden

    Thank you and it was a pleasure reading for you.

  •   11Zephyr1l 17 dager siden

    Wow! David, that was really goooood. Holy crow. Im impressed. You answered so many questions in so little time

  •   LightworkerDavid 17 dager siden

    It was a great pleasure reading for you today and thank you.

  •   janicecat85 3 måneder siden

    Excellent reading, will follow up in a week.

  •   LightworkerDavid 3 måneder siden

    Thank you and its a pleasure reading for you I will see you in a week.

  •   Mishenka 6 måneder siden

    Truly Wonderful and Sensitive Person

  •   LightworkerDavid 6 måneder siden

    Thank you it was a pleasure reading for you

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Du har nådd maksimal lengde på denne meldingen (140 tegn).

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