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Adel1ida | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
4 taxas
Empath, tarot card reader, energy healer. Need someone to talk to, someone to help you bring balance between heart and mind,body and soul and show you what the future holds? Come see me. Let me guide you in finding the best way through and forward on your path towards evolution. LOVE and LIGHT. Adel
  • Inglês, Alemão, ROMENO

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  •   clearlights 1 ano atrás

    Yes hotline, many of us miss her here. Wonderful and helpful...hope you are well.

  •   hotline99 1 ano atrás

    adel where are you,,,,,i miss you ,,,,,joseph

  •   lizwhitehouse 2 anos atrás

    very insightful and has helped me a lot were my emotions are.

    Thank you

  •   hotline99 2 anos atrás

    awsome psychic,one of the best!

  •   Annanichole 2 anos atrás




Chegou ao limite desta mensagem (140 caracteres).

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