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SensitivoDaniel | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Hello everyone! I am 'PsychicDaniel' Medium and I have a 25-years experience in extrasensory perception. A strong energy that lives in universe is around me and this cosmic energy gives me the strength to help you to understand the truth. The time barries of shattering giving me permission to see beyond your future for you. I am the chosen one by the universe to give you the right advice. Daniel.
  • Inglês, Italiano

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  •   Rebecca032482 2 meses atrás

    Daniel was very direct with me. He took the time to understand my situation, he predicted many things that I'm really excited about, gave me a timeframe that I will patiently wait for, and was able to read the situation correctly. I feel hopeful and I will be back with an update as things happen. Thank you, Daniel, for your wisdom and kindness.

  •   SensitivoDaniel 28 dias atrás

    Hi there! Thank for your review and your words, you are very awsome! Have a nice day.
    Ciao e grazie. Daniel. XXX



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