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theGuardian | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Master Dæmonologist & Hermetic Adept - in Direct Alignment to Source - able to channel ArchAngels & your Highest-Selves in all densities & realms. Teacher & Practitioner of ZepTepi Polarization & Etheric Healing. the Last Warlock, reading from Tarot de los Angeles & Lucifer’s Tarot : authentic Crystal Ball Divination : Arcana Mundi Revelar : Occult-Astrologist & Soul-Blueprint analysis & retrieval
  • Engleza, Germana, Franceza

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  •   RNSchmidt 11 zile in urma

    thanks for the healing energy session today

  •   RNSchmidt 17 zile in urma

    Thanks Guardian for your reading and offering me perspective on things :)

  •   Charlie0412 22 zile in urma

    That is a very positive confirmation of what I am trying to achieve. I shall keep following my yellow brick road. Thank you again, Guardian. You are always on point. Many blessings to you.

  •   RNSchmidt 28 zile in urma

    thanks for the session and healing work

  •   Genoa19 1 luna in urma

    thank you.

  •   RNSchmidt 1 luna in urma

    thanks for the help and healing today

  •   abakal 1 luna in urma

    Gave me a really good advice about my question

  •   Charlie0412 1 luna in urma

    Sorry I ran out of funds. But you are right. I will talk to her and see what she will feel afterward. Thank you again, Guardian. Blessings

  •   Larkascending 1 luna in urma

    A polarized reading will give you an incredibly deeper understanding of your inner self. If you are wanting to find out about your core self, get a polarized reading. Alot of clarity. Thank you so much, Guardian.

  •   xxPhoenixRising 1 luna in urma


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Ai atins lungimea maximă a mesajului (140 caractere).

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