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marina5 | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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I believe in being compassionate and honest in my readings. I'm clairvoyant, a medium, a channeler, empathic, intuitve, and reiki healer. In private readings I connect with your energy. My foundation is God. I'm truly blessed and guided. I love having fun in free chat. I get to know each and everyone of you. I enjoy giving guidance, answering questions on general topics especially Twin Flames.
  • Anglicky, Španielsky

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  •   aroyba14 pred 3 mesiacmi

    Good reading.

  •   Vitalie pred 4 mesiacmi

    Marina 5 is a pioneer and visionary supporting our evolution as balanced, sacred humans. Her sincerity, kindness and wisdom shared through her authentic clairvoyant gifts are illuminating. She meets you where you are on your journey of spiritual maturational development and guides you to make your best choices, true to yourself. Many Thanks Vitalie

  •   mechu002 pred 5 mesiacmi

    Love Marina5, she has a beautiful energy and is so positive and helpful.

  •   Vitalie pred 5 mesiacmi

    Marina 5 Solid, unwavering in her command of orienting you to the light and your highest growth. Heart centred integrity with patience, grace and humour. Genuinely gifted and trustworthy. Love and Light! Vitalie

  •   Vitalie pred 7 mesiacmi

    Marina fosters a respectful, loving community among gifted, sincerely appreciative people, who realize we create heaven here, on earth, every day. Through her genuine gifts she consistently and immediately offers exact insight into the heart of issues to bring illumination, evolution, healing and wisdom with light and humour. Many Thanks and Blessings!

  •   Vitalie pred 8 mesiacmi

    Marina generously creates a safe haven in her room and consistently reflects the best of everyone, inspiring evolution. In her session she offers immediate insight through her gifts, promoting naturalness and providing guidance for self support and healing. Many thanks from Rakel

  •   disneyworld123 pred 9 mesiacmi

    Marina is amazing, she actually takes the time to listen to the needs of you and she guides you with awareness and she is just amazing

  •   Vitalie pred 9 mesiacmi

    Marina5 consistently meets you exactly where you are in the present. She guides your awareness to align with your action, to master manifesting healthy change and maturational growth. Always heart centred. Many Thanks

  •   arishar pred 10 mesiacmi

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I related to everything you said

  •   Vitalie pred 10 mesiacmi

    Marina5 Truly gifted, light, warm, kind, caring. She shares messages and insights connected with higher sources. She maintains focus on guiding you to understand, identify, and remove blocks which separate you from being your essential, authentic, whole, healed self, to re-remember your shining and potential for being of service, to share your own unique gifts in life. Light and blessings!

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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