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ADVISRNICKY | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Hello & welcome my name is NICKY - i am a 5 STAR reader on ORANUM. i am highly sensitive very in tune with the spiritual world. I am fierce however will always read with love & compassion. i am here to be in highest service to all. No tools used in private. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient & clairaudient. i can help it all matters of life. Thank you - Nicky xo
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  •   Wolfspirit85 pred 7 mesiacmi

    was very positive will be keeping updated on situation

  •   ginla23 pred 7 mesiacmi

    Just had an updated reading with AdvisrNicky and it all sounds positive..I just need to be a bit more patient, but change is coming very, very soon.

  •   ginla23 pred 8 mesiacmi

    Just had an updated reading with was good to hear from her and she had great news. Looking forward to something new. :)

  •   ginla23 pred 10 mesiacmi

    Just had an updated reading with Advisr Nicky and she had inspiring words for me and assured me that things will look better in 2020.

  •   myeyesea pred 10 mesiacmi

    thank you advisrnicky very helpful and insightful

  •   myeyesea pred 10 mesiacmi

    thank you Nikki great advisor

  •   soulpeace9 pred 11 mesiacmi

    Very Intuitive. Great reader. Picks up on energy immediately !

  •   myeyesea pred 11 mesiacmi

    thank you Nikki you are very helpful and informative and extremely gifted

  •   ladyredbug1234 pred 11 mesiacmi

    Nicky is the best and never let me down at all. I enjoy all of my readings with her and she is very true and genuine. She will not waste your time and everything she has told me came to past.

  •   ginla23 pred 1 rokom

    I just had a reading with AdvisrNicky and she sees a lot of positivity around work and other things finally taking shape. :)

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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