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Heera123 | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Care4u :) Born-Gifted psychic, energy worker or channeler and healer. I have worked on Oranum since 2012. Tried tested. My abilities: Intuitive, Clairvoyant and Empath. I am a love, relationship and career expert. Benefits: answers, decision, unconfusion, guidance, clarity and prediction. My style: straight forward. Authentic readings!
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  •   gjgj95 pred 9 dňami

    Thankyou for the insight! i will try my best to do it!

  •   heavensangel242 pred 18 dňami

    ty heera! always puts my mind at ease

  •   Your Support Team pred 19 dňami

    Your Support Team Vám praje šťastné narodeniny!

  •   harmankaur pred 26 dňami

    thank uu :)

  •   heavensangel242 pred 1 mesiacom

    thanks heera. you put my mind at ease

  •   kardm22 pred 1 mesiacom

    This reading was amazing, everything resonated and I got a lot of insight, also Heera was very supportive!

  •   24dove pred 2 mesiacmi

    Always AWESOME!!

  •   sweettweety pred 3 mesiacmi

    Good psychic

  •   sweettweety pred 3 mesiacmi

    Honest psychic with true predictions

  •   Sharifa88 pred 4 mesiacmi

    AMAZING! Spot on, gives off really good energy so always feel calm speaking to her. Thank you so much for your accuracy

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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