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psychickay | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Time Frame Queen. I have been on Oranum for over 8 years.
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  •   greentoe pred 3 dňami

    Kay's prediction came true. She predicted he would text within 2 hours and he did ;)

  •   gentlebay pred 3 dňami

    awesome as usual... Kay is such a wonderful reader. my family likes to connect with me from the other side, so she is helping them get through to me.

  •   groovylove pred 9 dňami

    Amazing reading Kay is honest and all she has told me has happened. Very humble and compassionate

  •   heavensangel242 pred 11 dňami

    ty kay. always the best! and i'm glad my grandfather came thru and im glad i got to see both 7 of cups cards even tho you literally just bought that deck. i take that as a sign for me lol

  •   greentoe pred 12 dňami

    great reader!

  •   gentlebay pred 18 dňami

    The best Thank God for Kay My Dad came through . too.. Love her

  •   cheryltsn pred 23 dňami

    Very patient and accurate ready! :) Thanks Kay!

  •   stacy8170 pred 24 dňami

    Awesome was spot on with whole reading !!!!!

  •   greentoe pred 25 dňami

    she is awesome and accurate!

  •   myeyesea pred 26 dňami

    thank you kay your the best

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Dosiahli ste maximálnu dížku správy (140 znakov).

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