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PsychicStyle | Patrick Arundell Horoscopes
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Make business, money, relationship & health goals a reality. Apply quality choices with effective action using psychic tools & insights to leverage your life. My unique perspective blends powerful psychic abilities with logical pattern awareness. I was a Doctor of Chiropractic until my Saturn Return smashed me into the unseen realties beyond the visible spectrum of light. Any answer, I can find!
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  •   rob0704 10 månader sedan

    very helpful, I would highly recommend her.

  •   PsychicStyle 11 månader sedan

    Pluto goes direct today after 5 months of retrograde/backwards motion since the end of April.
    The area of your life where you felt deep intense internal compression, with childhood issues being brought to the surface to make the subconscious conscious - is now starting to release pressure! There will be slow but positive forward movement. The last 5 months has been an internal transformation process in the areas these limiting beliefs impacted (this is where Capricorn is in your birth chart - look at the house it’s in). Since the end of April and even earlier you will have experienced a mixture of different levels of your consciousness working on this, different people and situations showed up to support this personal evolution; despite appearances trust me it was support on a soul level.When I say childhood issues I’m referring to a few specific but deeply rooted limiting beliefs you accepted while growing up. It’s useful to know what these limiting beliefs are, how they have impacted your life and the results they have created; knowing this you can consciously direct your intention to transforms these beliefs into supportive ones aligned with your goals. However it’s all in the process of happening, you only need to have an open heart and allow it. If you resist it’s likely you struggle a bit longer with another moment to change from an intense transformation point around Jan 12th 2020. Life always gives us so many chances to rebirth into a higher level of consciousness. Whatever happens one thing is true when Pluto is involved...... ‘change is inevitable, suffering is optional, you choose’. Have an open heart and trust, these are the only qualifications required to enable this next stage of Pluto’s process. Maximise this experience now to rep rewards of freedom into a more powerful you and a reality to match.

  •   PsychicStyle 11 månader sedan

    Just had the feeling to pull cards for a quick reading for today, the day before Pluto moves forward, this is always a potent day just before a planet changes direction, esp Pluto, one of the most powerful planets. Heavy thoughts and feelings about an area of your life you have really felt compressed since May will start releasing the pressure slowly, subtly and consistently. This will unconsciously happen, so in many ways there is nothing you need to do, the past 5 months life experience has got you to this point, if your sensitive you will feel the release but even if you don’t, trust me it’s happening. You may find you gradually feel and think differently about this area of your life, trust and explore these new awarenesses. Psychically it feels like this releasing is in some way related to forgiveness; this forgiveness could be multi-faceted including yourself, someone else and the connecting situation. The area of your life holding a huge amount of emotional intensity since May (or even before if your in-tune) will begin to get lighter and with this shift in energy you will begin to feel inspired about something and excited to explore this new perspective. Do this, you will find joy, happiness and abundance consciousness waiting for you as a result of the internal transformation you have gone through. You more are stepping into an alignment that is in synch with your emotional & the environment around you. No longer swimming to keep above water, you now have structure, rhythm and flow like a person rowing in the boat. Again I’m getting the next full moon 14th October (which is on Aries) is key to some kind of breakthrough. Point is things will get so so sooooo much lighter and you are now so so soooo much stronger. A pimping space to be in.

  •   PsychicStyle 11 månader sedan

    Use a keen eye this week as there is a subtle message coming (either a physical message/sudden internal awareness/vivid dream) so you no longer feel confused about something previously causing a lot of emotional confusion around a strong desire. This message/awareness/dream will come after you have had quite an intense breakthrough about an area of life where you have been letting yourself suffer. This breakthrough allows you to a heal a subconsciousness part of you which opens your ability to see yourself and your situation more clearly. This creates a strong feeling of certainty within you and within 7days you will be much clearer about how to proceed. Try not to be impulsive during 1st half of the week as you will not have received all the info and integration required to make the best move. Resist this process and you will block the insight you need, if you feel this happening take a bath or shower to remove any electromagnetic frequencies within your energy body, this will help you stay open and; coherent. Heavier energy 1st half of the week and much lighter inspiring energy by the end of the week :-).

  •   PsychicStyle 1 år sedan

    Thought I would give you the heads up ...Saturn goes direct this Thursday (19th) after being retrograde since April ! Saturn is the ruler of 3D reality so expect change to begin where something appeared stuck since April, esp where you have been working to change unstable structures into stable ones over the last 5 months. In some area of your life (depending on your birth-chart) heavy energy will start to be released, and foundations you have laid will now be ready to be built upon. Hard work is still required, but reward from your efforts will begin to show if it is aligned with your souls highest potential. As alway with Saturn have patience and do the due diligence, applying the lessons you have learnt since April to bring you great success. Let go of what life has shown you not to be working since April and allow yourself to be re-birthed into a higher express of yourself, this is where gifts and opportunities are waiting for you .Also an area of confusion will begin to give you clarity. I am excited for this transit :-)!



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